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Full Version: uC/OS III Running as a Xen Guest on Zynq MPSoC!
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DornerWorks is excited to announce that the Micrium real-time micro-kernel, uC/OS III, has been successfully booted as a guest operating system for the Xen Hypervisor on the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC!  This was accomplished on both the ZCU102 development board from Xilinx and the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC QEMU model provided by Xilinx.  

Below you can see the output from a couple different runs of uC/OS in the left hand console. Xen was configured to pass through a hardware serial UART device to the uC/OS guest domain that it could then use to display its output.  On the right is the Xen dom0 domain console showing the control commands being made to Xen: 

[Image: y3kvWwd.png]

Available Soon
DornerWorks is currently working with Micrium and Xilinx to provide the appropriate source code, tools, and instructions needed support this guest operating system, and we will update here as soon as these resources are publicly available.  Check back often for updates one when this and other guest operating systems will be supported by XZD.
Any update on when this may be available?
We're still trying to work with Micrium to make this happen. There was a personnel change there that may result in additional delay.