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XZD_20160930 Release - jarvis_roach - 10-03-2016

DornerWorks is pleased to announce the XZD_20160930 release of XZD!

XZD Package:  http://dornerworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/XZD_20160930.tgz
User's Manual:  http://dornerworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Xen%20Zynq%20Distribution%20(XZD)%20User's%20Manual.pdf

New Features
Support for Petalinux v2016.2
Support for FreeRTOS guests.
Xen virtual console support for FreeRTOS guests.
Updates for bare metal examples and procedures.
Inclusion of the updated XZD Bare Metal Container, v2.1.0.
Improvements to boot files allow more and faster DDR on ZCU102.

RE: XZD_20160930 Release - salerio - 10-03-2016

Excellent keep up the good work. Just to make you aware, the user manual attached here is formatted strangely, its all shifted over to the left.

RE: XZD_20160930 Release - jarvis_roach - 10-03-2016


That is so weird. Thank you for bringing it to our attention, we'll have it resolved quickly.

RE: XZD_20160930 Release - jarvis_roach - 10-04-2016

It has been fixed.

RE: XZD_20160930 Release - jrheisey - 07-10-2017

The above link in the thread points to an older version of the User's Manual.
I have Xilinx-XenZynq-DOC-0001 v0.14 January 6, 2017.
Sorry I don't remember where I found it.

- J.R.

RE: XZD_20160930 Release - jarvis_roach - 07-11-2017

Hi J.R.,

Thanks for the heads up! The version of the doc you're referencing is aligned to a later release. Maybe you got it directly from someone here at DornerWorks or Xilinx? The version downloaded using the link above gets the version of UM suitable for the XZD_20160930 release.