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Interrupt handling in DomU - oschwartz - 08-15-2018


I'd like to generate an interrupt (preferrably an FIQ) from the PL and handle it in a DomU baremetal application on zynqmp. My application runs fine as a pure baremetal application (without Xen). When moving to Xen, which interrupt number do I have to specify in my cfg file for, say, FIQ1 (routed to Core1)?

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RE: Interrupt handling in DomU - Nathan.Studer - 09-13-2018

The interrupt number in the configuration files is the interrupt number as understood by the GIC.

Xen provides a virtual GIC interface to allow a guest to route Interrupts from the physical IRQ to the appropriate Interrupt handler as if it were running directly on the processor.
Unfortunately Xen doesn't currently support FIQs, so you'll have to use the regular IRQ line.


RE: Interrupt handling in DomU - RuebenLey - 10-30-2018

Hi Nate, just out of curiosity, is FIQs on your list to support sometime in the future?