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BMC 4MB limitation and alternative
Hi All,
I am pretty new to Xen and embedded environment in general, so please forgive me if I am asking something really obvious to most of you Smile.

I am trying to make Linux Dom0 and Baremetal DomU communicate, and I was able to run baremetal application in this tutorial by Xilinx:, and later on I learned how to passthrough devices such as GPIO and AXI_Timer.

However, I am stuck at DomU and Dom0 communication... I would like to use BMC for that, but it has a 4MB of RAM cap to my understanding, and my application uses much more than that. 

So my question is:
1. Do people use BMC instead of the Xilinx build flow because Xilinx build flow does not provide more advance feature like inter-domain communication?
2. Is there a way to use more than 4MB of RAM for baremetal application running on BMC?
3. If not, what else can I try? 

Thanks a lot!

Some quick answers to your questions:

1. Mostly because at the time we created it (circa 2015), Xilinx didn't have a build flow that produced Xen-ready guests. The BMC is still kind of nice because you can take software from outside the Xilinx build flow and get it to run in a Xen BM VM.

2. Yes! There's a #define that sets the size in the code in main.c, MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE. You'll need to tweak any link scripts and guest .cfg files accordingly.

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