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Kernel panic when launching QEMU
(04-06-2017, 07:17 AM)pello.heriz Wrote: When I execute the command to launch the image on QEMU, sometimes (1 / 10) the launching seems to be good, but in the rest of the cases a kernel panic occurs.


Finally, I can also observe that sometimes the launching process get stuck in some step and doesn't appear any kernel panic as for example in the next case:

There are some issues with how QEMU emulates interrupts, which seem to strike certain host configurations worse than others.  (It rarely happens on my laptop, but other developers with similar laptop configurations frequently report this issue.)  We've been looking for a work-around with mixed success.  You could try running your Virtual Machine in VMWare instead of VirtualBox, or try running on a different computer, but in general it's best to run on an actual zcu102 board.


Anyway, I have observe that even when the image booting seems to be correct and I arrive into Dom0 terminal, the system never mounts /proc, /sys and /debug directories, and even if the kernel panic hasn't happened yet, it can happens also when I try to run a xl command or simply when Dom0 or the guest Dom1 is running. 

Here you have how the system never mounts the mentioned directories:

Starting network...
Starting Xilinx Xen Boot Scripts: mount: mounting none on /proc failed: Device or resource busy
mount: mounting none on /sys/ failed: Device or resource busy
mount: mounting none on /debug/ failed: No such file or directory

Those messages are due to one of the bootscripts trying to mount devices that are already mounted due to their inclusion in the fstab.  You should safely be able to ignore these errors.

These errors will be eliminated in future XZD releases, which will be using a Yocto based rootfs instead of a buildroot one.


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