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XZD Yocto Layer

I am a newbie in using Xen Hypervisor. I just bought Zynq MPSoC UltraScale+ (ZCU102 Rev 1.0) and I want to run Xen hypervisor on it.

However, I found some difficulties in following the tutorial to generate a working bootloader.

See this thread, which I think also addresses what you are trying to do.


I tried to clone some repositories from the link you gave above, but there are several dependencies which do not work anymore, e.g. git:// or git://

There are some mistakes in the URLs listed in the ReadMe.  However you should use the repo tool and manifest link provided to simplify getting all the repositories and setting up the project, and the manifest does use the correct URLs.

If you are using PetaLinx 2017.1, I should warn you that the released Yocto layer currently only supports the 2016.4 version of the Xilinx tools.


Do you have any other source that I can use to learn how to boot Xen hypervisor on my board?

Xilinx has a wiki page for Using Xen with PetaLinux, which may be helpful.


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