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Rebuilding Xen Tools
Incidentally, what's the recommended way to get rebuilt xen tools libraries into the dom0 rootfs? I added some debug code to the libxenforeignmemory source, but it had no effect, apparently because the dom0 rootfs is populated with pre-built binaries. I'm sure I could use losetup/kpartx etc. to copy them in manually, but this would be tedious, especially if I have to do it often. I'm hoping there's a more automated way...

One other build issue I've run into now that I'm building Xen proper with Petalinux and Xen tools manually (make dist-tools) is that the CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK=ronaldo recommended in the XZD UM seems to cause multiple definition errors (e.g., on early_puts) when I attempt to rebuild Xen proper after having built the tools manually. I tried setting CONFIG_EARLY_PRINTK=ronaldo when building Xen proper also, but that didn't fix it. Ended up having to do a full clean to get Xen building again...

Brett S.

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