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Welcome to the Xen Zynq Distribution (XZD) Community Forum, an online community built around providing support for Xen on the Zynq MPSoC. This forum is moderated by admins from DornerWorks, engineers who's expertise is where software and hardware meets.

The XZD is everything you need to start up a target in 5 minutes, plus everything you need to start adding your own features and applications, and includes:
  • Xen Hypervisor
  • Control domain kernel and file system
  • Guest kernel and multiple file systems
  • Bare metal and device passthrough examples
  • System and guest configuration files
  • Boot files
  • FSBL
  • ATF
  • U-Boot
  • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Project BSP
  • Quick EMUlator (QEMU) supporting a model of the MPSoC hardware
Best of all, it's freely available to everyone!

Feel free to browse our forum for answers to questions or problems you might have. If you don't see you're problem already listed somewhere, please post your question, asking a question is as much of a service as answering one. If you see a question and know the answer, we encourage you to post your answer; show off your mad skills and impress your friends. Please no spam or foul language, let's keep this forum coolly professional and cordial.

Still at a loss and are desperate for help? Check us out at

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