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XZD_20161231 Release
DornerWorks is pleased to announce the XZD_20161231 release of XZD!

XZD Package:
User's Manual:

New Features
Support for Petalinux v2016.3
Xen virtual console support for bare metal guests
Updated Ethernet passthrough for bare metal guest examples
Added support for Ubuntu 16.04 hosts
Wonderful! Thank you for supporting 2016.3 and Ubuntu 16.04. The downloaded package is labeled as XZD_20160930.tgz. Is this a misnomer? Thank you.
Thank you for pointing that out! While the text of the link is correct, actually clicking on it loads the previous release. It should be fixed now, if you're still getting the older release please try flushing your browser's cache.
I appreciate the fast response and quick fix!

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