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ZCU102 dev kit not able to boot with xen hypervisor

Before go ahead i am trying to boot pre-build images on zcu102 devkit. For that i am referring 4.2.2. Booting via SD card. But i don't why board is stuck on uboot.

I have attached boot log. Can anybody have idea about this ?

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.txt   bootlog.txt (Size: 1.69 KB / Downloads: 8)

Sorry to hear that you're having issues. We're trying to reproduce this issue on our end. What rev of the ZCU102 board are you using?
One of our engineers loaded up the prebuilt binaries and wasn't seeing the issues you were. His output was a little different. Can you run an md5sum or other hashing function on the boot.bin directly on your SD card?
Sorry for late answer.

I have compiled new boot.bin and using this board can boot. I believe something file corruption was happened while copying pre-built boot.bin into sd card.
Good to hear! I was hoping that you had got it working, thanks for getting back to us.

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