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Zynq mpsoc dev kit not able to boot with RT kernel + xen hypervisor
Hi Team,

Without RT linux:

I have compiled kernel 4.6.0 , fs and use dornerworks prebuild xen.ub for zynq mpsoc dev kit. With those file board can boot without any issue and i can boot guest os from dom.

With RT Linux:

When I use real time kernel 4.6.0 with prebuild dornerworks xen.ub for zynq mpsoc dev kit  then board not able to boot.

Does xen firmware support real time kernel ?

I have also attached my boot log for reference.

I'm actually not seeing your boot log attachment, can you post it again?

XZD does not officially support RT Linux, meaning we haven't gone through the process of building an RT Linux with the various Xilinx patches for the ZUS+, resolving any conflicts that result from such an effort, figuring out what (if any) device trees changes are needed, and making sure it works with our boot sequence. However, I do not know of any reason why it wouldn't be possible, as we've ported other RTOSes (uc/OS-III, FreeRTOS, VxWorks 7.0) to Xen in the past.

For your case, were you trying to use RT-Linux for dom0 or a domU? Can you describe what process you used to make it? Did you enable the appropriate Xen configs in the Linux kernel?
Thanks for reply.

Actually I have used PREEMPT_RT_FULL support in kernel and due this kernel was not compiled with xen support and this is the reason board not able boot.

After using PREEMPT_RTB support rather than PREEMPT_RT_FULL  and with that kernel able to compile with xen support.

Now I am using dom0 without RT linux and Guest os with rt linux and it's works fine.

Thanks for your support.

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