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XZD Power Management
Hi, I have a few questions about XZD power management.  My goal is to have a configuration in which the full APU-hosted Xen MPSoC system can be suspended to RAM, as described in this Xilinx Wiki page for a Linux-only configuration:
When the APU-hosted Xen system is needed, it would come online much more quickly if it were suspended to RAM than if it needed to boot from scratch.  So, here are my questions:
1) Does the Xen kernel provide a "suspend to RAM" option for itself? 
2) If this is not supported, then is it possible to suspend dom0 in addition to the domU VMs?  Since the Xen kernel boots up very quickly, then suspending all domains might be a good option.
3) Finally, if suspending dom0 and the domUs is possible, can you suspend them to disk (i.e. to non-volatile memory)?  This would allow the APU to be powered off when it is not needed and then boot Xen / restore the VMs more quickly than a normal cold boot.
Thanks very much for your help with these questions!
The virtual PSCI interface in Xen is primitive and doesn't support suspend to RAM.  You may be able to virtually "suspend" an individual domU/dom0, but since Xen doesn't actually suspend the underlying physical CPUs it likely wouldn't produce any more power savings than just idling the domain.

Work on improving the ARM power management functionality of Xen is an area of interest within DornerWorks and the wider Xen community, so such a feature may be supported in the near future.


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